Redford-Tech Limited
Consultancy Services and Product Development

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Consultancy Services

- Assisting product developers transition
concepts to prototypes and registered IP
- Rig design and building, including instrumentation and software
- Data analysis and simulation
- Assessing energy efficiency options and initiatives
Adsorption Rig
Proof of concept rig development

Go to the 'Services' page for further examples of consultancy services including Voltage Optimisation studies, Demand-Side Management assessment and ORC development

FGT Stove Schematic

Schematic representation of the FHT Stove
See Products page or go to the FHT Stoves website

Product Development

- Primarily related to heating systems - biomass, heat pumps, micro-CHP
- Major product development for connecting wood-burning stoves directly to central heating systems - the FHT Stove
- Further products and Intellectual Property under development
Redford-Tech Limited provides consultancy services for energy efficiency and renewable product development and deployment. The company also develops new products and associated IP related to heating systems. For more detailed information about consultancy services, please see the Services page, and for information about product development please see the Products page.