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Scroll Animation
All software examples can be downloaded by right-clicking then using "Save target as..."

The code and designs are copyright of Redford-Tech Limited. They are freely licenced for non-commercial use (you can't sell them!).

Redford-Tech Limited and the author, Simon Redford, have provided these examples to show how various applications may be programmed - there may be better or simpler ways of coding some of these examples and they may or may not behave the way I intended them to in some different environments.

The original set of examples relate to animation of a Scroll Expander from work around the development of Organic Rankine Cycle micro-CHP products. Originally programmed in VB.NET (Microsoft Studio) to help explain how scroll expanders (and compressors) work, I recently re-wrote the animation for Java/Netbeans environment and also revived an MS Excel demo - all available below - FREE! I may add to these over time - please check back.

The intention in providing these examples is to help you get going quickly in GUI environments. I found that after getting through the basics of time control and creating smooth animations, it's easier to then expand your knowledge from the plethora of advice available from searches and on-line videos. Each of the four Java/Netbeans examples leading to the scroll simulation are described in Youtube videos.

Please note that if you want to run the runtime only (.jar) files, you may need to install a Java Runtime Environment if one is not already installed on your computer. The Java Runtime Environment can be downloaded from here

I hope they work for you - have fun!
Java SE 1.8 + Netbeans IDE 8.2 developed on 64-bit laptop running Windows 10
Stop Watch Example (StopWatch):

Animation Example (AnnieMate):

Analogue Clock Example (Clock):

Scroll Expander Example (ScrollSimulation):

Notes (pdf files):
Full Project Zip file

Full Project Zip file

Full Project Zip file

Full Project Zip file

Simple Timer Loop note

Graphic Screen note

Basic Trigonometry note
Runtime only (.jar file)

Runtime only (.jar file)

Runtime only (.jar file)

Runtime only (.jar file)
Coming soon... and other versions of the above and more

Try this 'taster' Analogue Clock runtime written in VB .NET

Or how about this Excel program (needs macros enabled) to view Scroll Simulation in an Excel graph - you may need to change security settings to run this and some aspects may benefit from further development over time.