Redford-Tech Limited
Product development

Redford-Tech Limited aims to grow the company value through development of energy efficient and renewable energy product IP for licensing or sale to manufactures. The focus for product development is robust, cost effective 'enabling' technologies. The first product development is the FHT Stove. See below for more details of the FHT Stove.
FHT Stove Schematic

FHT Stoves Logo

Introducing the FHT Stove

Redford-Tech Limited has developed a completely new concept for wood burning and multi-fuel stoves known as the Fan Heat Transfer Stove - FHT. This patented technology allows stoves to be directly connected to any hydronic central heating circuit and allows the user to choose when/if they want to transfer around half the stove heat to the water circuit.
- Direct connection, no "back boiler", no "Link-up system", no need for "gravity fed" circuits
- Unique ability to turn 'on' and 'off' heat transfer gives unparalleled control of stove heat output and displaces fossil-fuel heating in the rest of the property
- A cost effective, widely applicable way of introducing renewable heat into domestic properties without having to replace existing heating systems
- Maintains high combustion temperatures for efficient clean burning - 'future proof' technology for heat transfer to hydronic circuits
- Visit the FHT Stoves website for more detailed information - click on the FHT Stoves logo to the left