Redford-Tech Limited
Consultancy Services

Redford-Tech Limited has worked with a variety of clients on a diverse range of projects. Services include 'turn-key' experimental rig building to help other inventors test concepts to a prototype stage, computational analysis of demand-side management options, evaluating voltage optimisation opportunities and technologies, and design and testing of Organic Rankine cycle and Absorption thermodynamic cycles. Further details of example services are given below.

Organic Rankine Cycle Development

Simon has been involved with micro cogeneration projects for 25 years, and for the last 15 he has mainly worked on Organic Rankine Cycle product development with various organisations, including his own developments of micro-scale (1kWe) systems. Although simple in concept, ORC developments often fail to achieve performance or life goals for a number of recurring reasons. Visit the ORC page for lots more information and insight concerning successful development of small-scale ORC systems.

Data Analysis

Spreadsheet analysis of datasets to inform customers about the effects of energy technologies. Analysis of technologies and their likely effects on existing markets, including due diligence studies. Understanding energy trends and the effects of new technologies and programmes such as the impact of the Eco Design of Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive.
Example - Benefits of Programmable Rad Valves
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Absorption Experiment

Concepts to Prototypes

Redford-Tech works with clients to evaluate new concepts and build working prototypes. Services have been provided ranging from paper-based feasibility right through to fully operational rig evaluations, including H&S assessment, design, mechanical and electrical construction, instrumentation, control systems, custom monitoring software and analysis of experimental data. A 'turn key' service.
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Voltage Optimisation Studies

Voltage Optimisation (VO) is being offered as an energy efficiency option by a wide variety of companies for domestic, commercial and industrial customers. Although VO can give significant energy and cost savings, care is required to ensure that appropriate VO equipment is targeted at the most cost effective applications, particularly with regard to the changing nature of electrical loads.
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